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As we continue to monitor the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic closely, we would like to inform you about the implications on our supply chain and the actions we are taking to ensure continued service and supply.


The global crisis has dramatically increased demand for, in particular, respiratory care products and we do everything we can to maintain a secure supply chain. Consequently, we have taken a number of precautionary measures in response to this developing situation including but not limited to the following:


  • Encouraged our suppliers to accelerate manufacturing volumes
  • Increased local inventory as much as possible
  • Discouraged customers from hoarding
  • Introduced partial deliveries for large (stocking) orders
  • Restricted warehouse and office site visits and imposing limitations on in-person meetings
  • Taken measures to protect our work force to ensure that we can remain fully operational


We continue to get products from all our suppliers but urge customers not to order more products than necessary. Panic buying and hoarding can have severe consequences for our ability to fulfill all customer needs and we strongly discourage this.


Due to the many uncertainties of the situation, it is impossible for us to give any predictions or guarantees regarding future delivery times, product supply etc.


If you have any questions or need for support, we continue to be available. Our team has been instructed to closely monitor and follow local guidelines at customer visits should that be required.


Given the dynamic nature of the situation, we are continuing to monitor our supply chain and will keep the needs of our customers and their patients at the forefront of our decision making.



Best regards,