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MATResponder Elite TourniquetTeleflex

The Safest & Most Reliable Tourniquet for Hi Risk Transport Situations

MATResponder Elite tourniquet

The MATResponder Elite tourniquet can provide 100% blood flow occlusion in 30 seconds, and is designed to be quickly applied in the field to all limbs with one hand, and features a mechanical ratchet system to provide safe compression in controlled increments.


MATResponder Elite is specifically designed for use in the most challenging and severe patient transportation situations – where the potential for bumping and dislodging a tourniquet is high. Designed specifically for high risk patient transport situations, MATResponder Elite includes special safety features to protect the tourniquet from damage or accidental release.


MATResponder Elite quickly works to stop moderate to severe extremity blood-loss, even to trapped limbs. When natural or man-made disasters occur and resources are tight, MATResponder Elite can be applied quickly and efficiently, allowing you to asses other injuries or treat other patients.


MATResponder Elite is a tourniquet that provides for emergency blood flow occlusion to the limbs. MATResponder Elite was designed so that a casualty can apply it to themselves with one hand and with the distal portion of the extremity trapped or unexposed. These two capabilities are critical for self-rescue on the battlefield or in a disaster for a civilian emergency services first responder.


While MATResponder Elite can be used by any first responder, this unique tourniquet is ideal for those working in tactical EMS and military environments, where the inherent risks associated with transporting patients is high. This includes first responders required to work in wilderness, collapsed structures, stairwells, or areas that are otherwise less that optimal.


Awards for MAT include: IDSA’s Gold Award for Best Medical Product Design of 2006, silver for Design of a Decade in 2010, and finalist for the 2007 INDEX Award for best medical product in the world.


  • Safest tourniquet for confined spaces or high risk transport situations, includes special safety features to protect the tourniquet from damage or accidental release.
  • 100% blood flow occlusion in 30 seconds (as measured by Doppler, BP and Oximeter sensors.
  • Safe compression. Can be applied in small, controlled increments and easily released.
  • One hand application. Easy to use and learn for all levels of medical and non-medical personnel.
  • Multi-purpose application to arms, legs and trapped limbs.
  • Secure. Mechanical advantage tourniquet system ensures that MATResponder does not slip or loosen.
  • Light weight, compact design.
  • Durabel. Operates in extreme conditions, such as mud, water and sand submersion, extreme cold, ice-encrustment and hard surface (concrete) impact.