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G3 Breather  

G3 Breather emergency backpackStatPacks logo

All-in-one emergency backpack for airway control and oxygen therapy

The Breather is an all-inclusive EMS airway management pack for airway control and oxygen therapy. Breather is specifically designed to hold the 02 module with a “D” or Jumbo “D” size tank. It fits many basic and advanced airway adjuncts ad oxygen delivery devices.

G3 Breather details

  • Unique foam lined design keeps all Emergency Medical Equipment inside protected from breakage.
  • Unique design allows access to the main compartment from the top or front of this backpack.
  • Specifically designed to hold StatPacks Generation 3 Emergency Medical Services Kits; Intubation, Remedy and Circulatory kits.
  • QuickZip access to front compartment for quick access.
  • Tarpaulin bottom panel for protection from abrasion and the elements.
  • Clear, durable urethane windows, mesh pockets, and elastic holsters keep contents in place and well-organized.
  • Reflective material has a protective outer mesh cover which shields it from wear and tear. Helps with visibility in night time situations.
  • Foam molded shoulder straps that allow for comfortable transport.
  • Side pockets for easy access to vital sign tools, bandages, and smaller ambulance equipment.
  • A quick stash pocket for trash and extra supplies located in the outside front.
  • BBP material which is a blood, fluid and dirt repellent material.


Technical specifications

Dimensions: 51 x 48 x 18 cm (H x W x D)
Weight: 2 kg
Capacity: 42,6 liter
Colours: BBP Red and BBP Blue


Contents not included.

Perfect for Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Applications Perfect for Advanced Life Support Applications Fits a Bag Valve Mask Perfect for Basic Life Support Applications Fits G1 Modules Fits an Oxygen D Cylinder Fits an Oxygen Jumbo Cylinder Perfect for Pediatric Advanced Life Support Applications Fits Vial strands