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Arcomed Syramed SP6000 Chroma infusionspump


Syramed SP6000 Chroma infusion pumpArcomed

A syringe pump for all your hospital needs

Arcomed’s pumps have become famous worldwide for their simple construction and user-friendliness – core features offering permanent enhancement and sophisticated simplicity.


The versatility of the Chroma Series syringe pumps allows them to be programmed with various custom-tailored configurations and infusion profiles. They can also be used as ICU pumps, on the NICU, as anesthesia TCI or TIVA pumps, PCA pumps, or, simply, all all-in-one pumps.


The revolutionary All-in-One philosophy simplifies the use of the syringe pump as it relieves the user of having to make upfront decisions about which application to use. The pump adjusts to the user’s needs. It can be employed in the OR as a TIVA or TCI pump, and follows the patient to the recovery room, where it turns into a PCA pump. It can also be used as a standard infusion pump in ICU and general wards.


Main features:

  • Large easy-to-read, high-impact, high-resolution color LCD screen.
  • TouchScreen with shortcut-based user interface for ease of use.
  • Compact and robust – identical design and functionality for both syringe and volumetric pumps.
  • Fast start-up for all applications.
  • Drug-dose calculation with dose error reduction system.
  • Specialized and customized infusion models.
  • TCI option: Marsh, Schnider and Minto protocols.
  • PCA option: easy to set up with customized protocol, integrated lock with password and handy patient button.
  • System pump for PDMS.


Accessories for Arcomed SP6000 Syramed infusion pump