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Arcomed UniQueConcept

Tillbehör till VP7000 och SP6000 infusionspumperArcomed


Les om Arcomeds infusjonspumper:



Chroma Series volumetric and syringe pumps are designed to be used within the extremely simple, practical, slim UniQueDOC docking station.


The UniQueDOC docking station can be used together with the infusion data management system UniQueCONCEPT, which increases patient safety and simplifies workflow processes.




  • Sophisticated but simple-to-use bar code technology.
  • Improves patient safety – the right patient receives the right medication at the right dose.
  • Supports tracking through GPS coordinates.
  • The central monitoring and alarming provide nurses and doctors with all relevant infusion data.



  • Available in 2 to 8 modules.
  • Fitting and removing pumps is easy and safe.
  • Can be mounted on infusion poles or rail systems.
  • Very slim design, it practically disappears behind stacked pumps.
  • Integrated mains power supply.
  • Easy cleaning.



Make your infusion pumps suitable for for use during MRI applications, by using Arcomeds UniqueMRShield. Be able to use special treatments such as PCA and TCI during the MRI examination, while ensuring interference-free images.


  • Robust, solid shield to avoid MRI-image artefacts.
  • Perfect visibility of pumps from a distance.
  • Various sizes of MRI shields.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Includes an Arcomed docking station for convenient handling of pumps.


Arcomed UniQueMRIShield