Exclusive intraosseous workshop

05.-06. december 2023

Medidyne is hosting a very special workshop for healthcare professionals this December: A hands-on training in intraosseous access.

At the intraosseous (IO) workshop participants will work with the EZ-IO: A groundbreaking vascular access system that provides fast and safe IO access. Experienced instructors will run the workshop, and participants will get hands-on with the EZ-IO system and human cadaveric tissue.

This engaging event is designed to empower health care professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to master the EZ-IO intraosseous vascular access system.

What, where and when?

The workshop takes place December 5 and 6 at the University of Copenhagen, Panum. There are four sessions to choose from: Morning or afternoon, December 5, or December 6. The workshop is held in Denmark, but will be run in English, as it is open for participants from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Participation is free, but there is a limited number of seats for the workshop.

The benefits of IO access

The intraosseous space is a place in the vascular system where blood flow is good – even when the patient is in shock. Medicines, fluids, and blood products given via the medullary cavity reach the central circulation as quickly as via intravenous (IV) access.

The EZ-IO system provides fast, safe, and easy intraosseous access when IV access is difficult or impossible to place. The system has different insertion options, all of which provide controlled intraosseous access. The system has specially developed needles for adult and pediatric patients, which can be inserted with either a small battery-operated drill or manually.

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